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Hi There! I’m Alma Lake

About Me

I’ve always had a sense of motivation and passion driving me forward. Whether it’s exploring unique opportunities, learning additional skills, or meeting new people, I bring these values to every experience throughout my life on a personal and professional level. To learn more about me, keep exploring my site or reach out directly.


Gallup - Clifton Strengths

Strategic, Positivity, Learner, Connectedness, and Individualization


Work History

2020 - Present

Virtual Administrative Assistant

  • Helped my client become Founder 2.0 in the first year. Helped three additional people on her team reach Founder 2.0 this year, giving each a percentage of the parent company's overall profits in the following years. 

  • Work with clients remotely to help them to build their businesses. Track financials, organization structure, and orders. Professional handling of confidential information.

  • Research product information to create educational materials. Promote and manage educational groups that were a week to a month long. Create and provide motivational materials, product, and business information.

  • Create and provide social media and email marketing. Create graphics, forms, documents, newsletters, websites, and PowerPoint presentations. Create and send samples, awards, promotions, new member packets, and recognition. Excel at managing information flow, keeping calendars, and preparing reports and spreadsheets.

May 2018 - June 2023

Organizations Director, Starz Unlimited Dance Studio

  • Through building relationships and improved targeted marketing, we increased student counts and the number of classes provided by the non-profit dance studio that provides services for low-income families. 

  • Able to bring from negative to positive cash flow by gathering financial data and analyzing to uncover inefficiencies, implement cost reductions to increase margins, improve cost tracking, renegotiate contracts,  and add consistency to existing trades. 

  • Used organization and leadership skills to increase productivity, build relationships, collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, oversee staff, and help build a sense of community within the studio.

  • Responsible for planning, scheduling, and execution of performances, events, fundraisers, and classes. Managed teacher hiring, staff management, and student registration. Address questions and concerns of students or parents. Facilitate conflict resolution between parents, teachers, and students. 

  • Contact with new families in person and by phone. Worked to create an inviting, respectful, and encouraging environment for families and their students. Developed and implemented improved communication and engagement between management and families. 

  • Developed partnerships for resources. Increased volunteer support and engagement to improve the facilities, events, programs, and daily operations. Organized fundraisers and created a holistic approach to fundraising.


Professional Organizer, Clarify Life

  • Completed personal organization for clients and taught organizational skills to clients. Looked for areas in the home that should be modified and systems that could be put into place that would have the largest impact on how their homes and daily lives functioned. 

  • Created and taught classes on organization and how-to information that I could provide clients. Large organizing projects were completed in multiple sessions. 

  • Self-employed and was able to refine additional business management skills and ability to provide proposals for new clients.



General Board Member, Starz Unlimited Dance Studio

  • First contact with new families in person and by phone. Create an inviting, respectful, and encouraging environment for families and their students.

  • Development and implementation of improved communication and engagement between management and families. Develop partnerships for resources, and increase volunteer support and engagement to make improvements to the facility, for events, programs, and daily operations.

  • Organize fundraisers and create a holistic approach to fundraising.


Board Member, Pioneer HS for Performing Arts

  • Provide staff and teacher training and support. Review budgets, research ways to improve school and educational outcomes, and provide support to students and parents. 

  • Help to build the in-school community and promote the school to the surrounding community.


Substitute Teacher, Wasatch Waldorf

  • Substitute aide for Kindergarten using Waldorf curriculum in developing the whole child.  Helped weekly to teach watercolor to students.


Owner, Lisa's Mop Squad

  • Started commercial cleaning service business from the ground up with a partner. Set up licensing, contracts,  and business structure. Tracked finances, completed taxes, and built relationships with clients. 

  • Bonded for one million dollars, which allowed us to clean high-end businesses, banks, retail, and private businesses. Separated from the partnership in 2017.



  • Worked on 56 million design-build project extensively with owners, architects, and subcontractors.
    Assisted with contracts and bidding, compiled project costs and pay schedules, processed weekly pay requests, payables, and bank requests, and tracked project completion. 
    Assisted with value engineering, tracking plan updates, and the distribution and tracking of updated plans.



  • Worked with owners, architects, and contractors on the development and construction of hotels, malls, office buildings, strip malls, and residential remodeling.

  • Prepared and worked on bid packages, project manuals, contract documents, city approvals, contractor pay requests, and on-site inspections.


My Studies

Associates of Arts in Antrhopology                       May 2023

Salt Lake Community College

I obtained my Associate of Arts in Anthropology in May 2023.  I have also been working towards an Associate of Arts degree in International and Global Studies.  My area of focus has been Asia.  My language of focus is Mandarin Chinese. I have been learning to speak, read, and write this beautiful language. The opportunity to finish this second minor will be completed at the University of Utah when I complete the two second-year language courses.  Graduated with Honors. 


President's List - Spring 2023, Fall, 2022, Spring 2022, Fall 2021, and Spring 2021

Pride in Academics - Fall 2020

Phi Theta Kappa

Expected Graduaiton 2026

University of Utah

I have been accepted and will be working on completing my last two classes for an Associate of Arts in International and Global Studies while continuing on with my Bachelor of Arts degree in the same area of study. The AA degree will be completed in the Spring of 2024. My area of focus is Asia and my language of focus is Mandarin Chinese. I plan to continue with my studies here to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in International & Global Studies in the Spring of 2026.

2020 to Sept 2023

Megan Biz Consulting

Completed thorough training in current industry applications and software. This has helped me to give the best up-to-date support possible to clients.  I was able to participate in continuous training for new applications and software in use, allowing me to stay up-to-date on industry practices.


doTERRA Social Media Marketing

Learned how to create social media that meets FDA guidelines.  Learned tips and additional skills for social media marketing of essential oils.


School of Natural Healing

Learned herbalism from the ground up. Gained a foundational understanding of natural methodologies and progress through the many aspects of herbal healing, including herb identification, horticulture, medicinal usage, methods of preparation, and more.


No matter the role or project, I’m confident in the skill set I bring to the table. Take a look below to learn more about my specific abilities, and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

Management Skills

I am passionate about using my management skills to enhance organizational productivity, strategic thinking, and problem-solving. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of supporting one of my clients in becoming a founder within their parent company. By using my knowledge of financial data analysis, negotiating strategic trades, and uncovering operational inefficiencies, I have successfully transformed a non-profit's negative cash flow into a positive one, allowing them to continue pursuing and sharing their vision.

My extensive experience encompasses organizational leadership, marketing analysis, relationship building, and a strong ability to handle confidential information professionally. I excel in collaborating with both internal and external stakeholders, showcasing my robust communication and teamwork skills. I am known for making sound decisions, resolving conflicts, managing time effectively, staying motivated under pressure, and being a quick learner, all of which contribute to my effectiveness in management roles. My aptitude with organizational and time management skills, adaptability, creativity, ability to delegate and track tasks and projects, to work under pressure, being self-motivated, and being part of a team have contributed to my accomplishments.

Organized Desk

Relationship Building

Aptitude for building relationships with students, parents, and clients. Managed and set up teams for specific projects and organization goals. Ability to share the vision of projects or goals of the company and bring various stakeholders on board. Ability to create a work environment that focuses on common goals and objectives that bring varying ideas together. Competent in bringing conflicting parties together to work through issues, build common ground, minimize misunderstandings, and improve communication going forward. Able to recognize team members' strengths that can be built on while noticing weaknesses in the team and strategically add additional support and structure to lead to successful completion of projects.

Design and Marketing

Experience in digital marketing, graphic design, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, and website creation.

Ability to facilitate classes, presentations, and plan events. Meet with potential clients, determine their needs, and assess how we can help to fill those needs. Help them to catch the vision of the services that we offer and to see the value and benefit it would be for them. 

Image by Sarah Dorweiler

Technical Skills

I have worked with many types of software and applications. I have worked extensively in Microsoft Suites and Google Suites including spreadsheet creation, making forms, and presentations. Other programs that I have done significant work with are Shout, Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Wix, WordPress, Trello, Asana, Flowdesk, Synduit, StudioDirectior, OneDrop, doTERRA Social, PowTown, QuickBooks, and many additional image and video editing applications. 

Social media sites that I have done work on for clients are Facebook and Instagram.

I have worked with Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and many other messaging services. 

Additional Experience


Volunteer Expericence

Volunteered in multiple capacities on various committees to improve and support these organizations to bring about improvements, change, and transitions at public charter schools, traditional public schools, and non-profit organizations. Volunteered in numerous grades to help tutor in reading, math, spelling, art, and other subjects.

Kids in Art Class

Homeschool Experience

Homeschooled for nine years. Selecting and writing curriculum and teaching ages K-12. Taught in various co-ops numerous subjects such as science, history, math, and art. Helped write curriculum for some of these groups which also included thematic learning. Experience with a classical education, Epic Adventure,
Waldorf, and other philosophies of learning. Taught multiple age groups and mixed age groups. 

Projects and Portfolio

Samples of my work.

Design Sketch Desktop


Photos, graphics, newsletters, documents, promotional materials, market analysis, and research.

Cute Notebooks

e-Portfolio of College Projects

My personalized e-portfolio from Salt Lake Community College. It shares Student Signature Projects from classes I have attended.
(Images on this site are ones I have taken.)

Image by Andrew Neel

Lost and Forgotton

This website started as a signature assignment for one of my English classes at SLCC in the summer of 2021. It has become a passion project for me to provide information to those who have experienced medical gaslighting and eliminate the shame. It provides information about what you can do if you experience this, a gallery of those who have experienced medical gaslighting, and additional resources. It has recently started to reach more people. I have been able to do a couple of interviews on this subject on webcasts and podcasts to continue to share the message that you are not alone and that you have the power to do something. 
(Most images are stock.)


Clarify Life

Sample website created for my previous professional organizing business.
(Most images are stock.)

Filling Out a Form

"Don't be pushed by your problems, be lead by your dreams."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let’s Connect

South Jordan, Utah 84095


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