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Lost In Disease

Finding Hope in Community

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Editor's Note

Lost and Forgotten

The hope and purpose of Lost and Forgotten magazine is to provide an understanding of some of the reasons why there are unacceptable interactions and outcomes in the medical community, and what patients can do.  My desire is for doctors to realize that it is happening and work to improve their communication with their patients. One of my ambitions for this Lost and Forgotten magazine would be that patients who have experienced medical gaslighting will have more knowledge on what they can do and realize that they are not alone in dealing with this issue.  I hope that the community at large has a better understanding of medical gaslighting and how to overcome this obstacle.

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Medical Gaslighting

Falling Through the Cracks


Can't Escape the Grasp

Escape from rough days has become challenging to grasp a hold of lately.  The leisurely visits, family get-togethers, planned celebrations, and impromptu gatherings that were the norm have been slow to return. So popping in just to say hi was a much-needed break in a ragged routine. Three women with not-a-hair out of place, wearing knee-length skirts, had the same idea as I did and stopped by for a visit to my Momma’s house.

Medical Gaslighitng Causes Harm to Patients

Medical gaslighting is not a new issue but is being brought into the limelight because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Long-standing gender, race, and socioeconomic bias in medical care and research, as well as a system that teachers medical professionals “to discount patient symptoms (Moss),” continue to contribute to detrimental outcomes for patients with an increase of medical gaslighting.  One would think that when a 14-year-old teenage boy who had lost 40 pounds, was throwing up multiple times per day for months, and could not keep his food down would be a serious situation for doctors to address. It was for his parents who struggled to find their son help by taking him to many doctors, the ER multiple times, and was hospitalized multiple times.  Nothing showed up on any tests completed by his doctors so they told his mother that it was “all in his head.”

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Retelling of Can't Escape the Grasp

Listen to one example out of many that we experienced throughout this journey of recovery.  Covid-19 and Long Covid changed our lives forever.  The response from the medical community was disheartening to an already difficult struggle.  Thankfully, today we have a good team of doctors and specialists who are helping us back to healing and wholeness.

Gallery of the Lost and Forgotten

There are too many who continue to suffer being ignored by a medical system and medical providers. The stories of medical gaslighting can be difficult to hear.  If we work together we can make changes and bring hope to those who are struggling alone in their illness and injuries.

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Have You Endured Medical Gaslighting? How to Partner with Your Medical Provider

Find out what medical gaslighting is and learn steps that you can take to work through this experience.

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Our Story

The last three years have been full of injury, illness, recovery, setbacks, and more recovery.  We have learned that life is more than our illness and injury.  Through the pain, you can still find joy and have a life full of love, family, friends, and a lot of laughter.

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